Design Processes Research Group

EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona. Adscrit a la UAB.
Tània Costa
Anna Pujadas

Invited Researchers
Jane Teixeira (Facultad de Artes y Diseño, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México)

Xavier Alamany
Anna Alcubierre
Núria Andreu
Elena Bartomeu
Laia Clos
Georgina Curto
Ariadna Fàbregas
Vivian Fernández
Adrià Garcia i Mateu
Salvador Huertas
Jon Marín
Joan Morales
Jo Milne
Javier Nieto
Raul Oliva
Mar Saiz

David Sánchez
Jeffrey Swartz
Oriol Ventura

Keywords art, teaching, communications, design, innovation, interaction, practice, project, technology

The group presents itself as an open collective unit within EINA, University School of Design and Art, in which teachers and students are gathered around a space of research and group discussion, allowing its group members to have a body on which to establish and nurture common interests and synergies within the field.

Within the field of study, the following research lines are kept open:

__Design for social innovation & Transition design. Coordinators: Tània Costa and Adrià Garcia i Mateu.
__Designing for a global and multilingual world: multi-script typefaces. Coordinator: Andreu Balius
__Prospective Design: how the fiction & the metaphor enlarge the creativity. Coordinators: Elena Bartomeu i Oriol Ventura
__ Postdigital design: how the digital revolution has changed the design processes (Makers Culture, FabLabs, DIY, Crafts Revival, Selfprinting, Postproduction...). Coordinator  Anna Pujadas Members: Ariadna FabregasRaul Oliva

Journal of design processes

Journal of Design Processes (JDP) is an open-access European journal, peer-reviewed, devoted to publishing research papers on creative processes in all fields of art and design. The journal is published once a year and provides a forum for design and art scholars, professionals, educators and managers worldwide. It seeks the analysis, development and discussion of fundamental aspects of process of designing, from cognition and methodology to values and philosophy. Therefore it welcomes researches in other formats than the academicals ones. Researches not as an article, not necessarily as a text representing a research on issues of development, management, planning, management, execution of design. Journal of Design Processes (JDP) is an academic journal edited by the University Research Group Design Processes & Innovative Practices in Art & Design at EINA/UAB.

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